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Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.6.1087.0
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6400 N Northwest Hwy

Chicago, IL




The Top in the Country

  • Century 21 McMullen

    6400 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL, 60631


    CENTURY 21 McMullen was founded in 1945 and is one of the most experienced real estate companies in Chicago. Having over 70 years of industry knowledge and billions of dollars in lifetime sales, we are experts in all real estate services. This includes the listing and selling of residential, commercial/ investment and land properties, as well as specializing in international real estate, luxury homes, rental properties, short-sales, foreclosures and relocation services. Through our trusted business partners, we also offer access to mortgage, insurance and banking services.

    WE ARE #1. 

    CENTURY 21 McMullen is the #1 real estate office in Northwest Chicago as well as the #1 CENTURY 21 Office in the state of Illinois. We have won many awards throughout the years- including achieving the highest award in the CENTURY 21 System- the CENTURION Award- every year since 1983. We also rank in the Top 10 out of over 2,300 CENTURY 21 Offices nationwide, and in the Top 20 out of over 6,800 CENTURY 21 Offices in the world.


    CENTURY 21 McMullen and its 200 brokers and staff members are located in a huge 30,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art building, which also houses 45 condominiums and other commercial space. We are a ‘big player’ with a ‘small, neighborhood feel’- and support and serve over 15 City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs’ Chambers of Commerce. We have donated thousands of dollars to Easter Seals, the CENTURY 21 System’s philanthropic partner, and pick different local charities to donate to each year in conjunction with the holiday season.


    CENTURY 21 McMullen’s group of brokers and staff is very diverse: over 25 languages are spoken under one roof. We were also recently named the recipient of the coveted Marsh Fisher Diversity Award- a national award in the CENTURY 21 System. This award recognizes extraordinary commitment to cultural diversity and improving minority home ownership.

    • 773.631.8300

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